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Adhesion improvement mechanism of sol–gel silicone coatings
The sol-gel process is an original method for processing semi-organic thin films on steel sheets. Silicone coatings containing methyl and phenyl groups produced by the hydrolysis and condensation ofExpand
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Effects of aluminium and silicon on the oxidation resistance of 13% CrTi ferritic stainless steel
Abstract The effects of aluminium (0–2 wt.%) and/or silicon (0–2 wt.%) on the oxidation resistance in air of 13wt.%CrTi stainless steel have been investigated by means of isothermal heating in theExpand
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Fast method for determination of critical pitting temperature
La methode presentee pour determiner la temperature critique T c de formation de piqures consiste a appliquer une faible polarisation anodique galvanostatique (50 a 200 μA/cm 2 ) a un echantillonExpand
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New electrical steel with high permeability
This article describes the magnetic properties of a low-silicon-bearing nonoriented electrical steel, recently developed by UGINE S.A. as a core material for rotating machines. The new product isExpand
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Correlation between grain orientations and domain structure in industrial grain-oriented SiFe sheets (Hi-B)
Abstract We have studied the correlation between grain misorientations and static and dynamic domain structures in grain-oriented 3% SiFe industrial sheets (Hi-B). We discuss the values of theExpand
Les tôles magnétiques à grains orientés. L'amélioration des performances
Les transformateurs beneficient de pertes Joule de plus en plus reduites grâce a la fabrication de toles magnetiques a grains hautement orientes (HiB) a permeabilite elevee, d'epaisseur 0,23 mm. UnExpand
Nouveaux aciers inoxydables austéno-ferritiques laminés à froid pour l'industrie chimique
Les aciers inoxydables biphases contenant de l'azote associent a une resistance a la corrosion remarquable des proprietes mecaniques interessantes et un cout attractif