Jean-Christophe Valière

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It is shown that the standard beamformer technique is inadequate for both the source location and the measurement of a simple dipole and that this is due to the assumption of monopole propagation in the calculation of the phase weights used to steer the focus of the array. A numerical simulation is used to illustrate the problem and to develop a correction(More)
This paper considers the problem of estimating acoustic particle velocity and convection velocity in the air by means of Laser Doppler Velocity (LDV) measurement. Closed-form for the Cramér-Rao Bounds (CRB) on the estimates of the velocity parameters, for a sine wave excitation, are derived and simplified expressions are given. Moreover, a Maximum(More)
This article introduces a new method for localizing high-speed moving sources with a microphone array followed by a chirplet transform. A well-adapted chirplet is constructed and the accuracy of the method is studied within a general case. Simulations and real data from the high-speed train (Train a Grande Vitesse), are compared with the current(More)
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