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Decoupled leaf and stem economics in rain forest trees.
Cross-species analyses of plant functional traits have shed light on factors contributing to differences in performance and distribution, but to date most studies have focused on either leaves orExpand
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Assessing foliar chlorophyll contents with the SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter: a calibration test with thirteen tree species of tropical rainforest in French Guiana
Abstract• Chlorophyll meters such as the SPAD-502 offer a simple, inexpensive and rapid method to estimate foliar chlorophyll content. However, values provided by SPAD-502 are unitless and requireExpand
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Leaf photosynthetic traits of 14 tropical rain forest species in relation to leaf nitrogen concentration and shade tolerance.
Variability of leaf traits related to photosynthesis was assessed in seedlings from 14 tree species growing in the tropical rain forest of French Guiana. Leaf photosynthetic capacity (maximum rate ofExpand
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Nitrogen cycling in the tropical rain forest of French Guiana: comparison of two sites with contrasting soil types using δ 15 N
The natural '5N abundance method for estimating symbiotic biolo- gical N2-fixation was tested on legume trees from two rain forests on contrasting soils (oxisols and spodosols) in Frenich Guiana.Expand
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A cost–benefit analysis of acclimation to low irradiance in tropical rainforest tree seedlings: leaf life span and payback time for leaf deployment
The maintenance in the long run of a positive carbon balance under very low irradiance is a prerequisite for survival of tree seedlings below the canopy or in small gaps in a tropical rainforest. ToExpand
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Phytochemical analysis of mature tree root exudates in situ and their role in shaping soil microbial communities in relation to tree N-acquisition strategy.
Eperua falcata (Aublet), a late-successional species in tropical rainforest and one of the most abundant tree in French Guiana, has developed an original strategy concerning N-acquisition by largelyExpand
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Differing nitrogen use strategies of two tropical rainforest late successional tree species in French Guiana: Evidence from 15N natural abundance and microbial activities
Abstract Previous studies in lowland tropical rainforests of French Guiana showed that, among non-N 2 -fixing trees, two groups of late successional species contrasting in their leaf 15 N naturalExpand
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The successional status of tropical rainforest tree species is associated with differences in leaf carbon isotope discrimination and functional traits
We characterised the among species variability in leaf gas exchange and morphological traits under controlled conditions of seedlings of 22 tropical rainforest canopy species to understand the originExpand
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Links between tree structure and functional leaf traits in the tropical forest tree Dicorynia guianensis Amshoff (Caesalpiniaceae)
Les relations entre stades architecturaux de developpement (ASD), morpho-anatomie foliaire et capacites photosynthetiques ont ete etudiees chez Dicorynia guianensis, une espece forestiere de Guyane.Expand
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Contribution des symbioses fixatrices d'azote à la stabilité de l'écosystème forestier tropical guyanais
On ignore l'importance des especes arborees fixatrices d'azote en foret tropicale guyanaise, tant en nombre de taxons qu'en nombre d'individus ainsi qu'en terme de biomasse et de dominance. On neExpand
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