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The authors assess the value of clinical examinations and para-clinical examinations carried out when an ovarian cyst is discovered. They try to find out whether a diagnosis of the aetiology is possible before the operation and particularly whether the cystic forms of cancer can be detected pre-operatively. The study is concerned with a retrospective(More)
Biomaterial scaffold architecture has not been investigated as a tunable source of influence on spinal cord regeneration. This study compared regeneration in a transected spinal cord within various designed-macro-architecture scaffolds to determine if these architectures alone could enhance regeneration. Three-dimensional (3-D) designs were created and(More)
A 69-year-old woman presented with a single enlarged lymph node in the left axilla. Clinical examination and other investigations, including various imaging methods, failed to reveal the primary tumour. However, indium-111 pentetreotide scan revealed a site of uptake in the anterior region of the left thorax. Peroperative imaging with t111In-pentetreotide(More)
STUDY DESIGN Technical case report. OBJECTIVE To report an alternative to suture for dual closure in minimally invasive spinal surgery. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Dural closure in minimally invasive spinal intradural tumor resection can be technically challenging. The U-clip is a novel self-closing device that was originally designed to facilitate(More)
OBJECTIVE Policies of regionalization and selective referral for a number of "high-risk" surgical procedures are being explored and implemented as a result of significant variation in postoperative mortality between high- and low-volume providers. The effect of provider volume on outcomes after intracranial tumor resection is unknown and warrants(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective consecutive case review pre- and postintervention. OBJECTIVES Characterize the effects of the intervention. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Complication rates in adult spinal deformity surgery are unacceptable. System approaches are necessary to increase patient safety. This group reported on the dual-attending surgeon approach, a(More)
Primary traumatic facet dislocations are unusual in the lumbar spine. Most occurrences have been reported at the lumbosacral junction associated with anterior subluxation. The authors describe 2 cases in which a high impact trauma resulted in lateral subluxation with a unilateral locked facet involving the lumbar spine. In their review of the literature,(More)
The unipedicled TRAM flap is an useful alternative to breast reconstruction after mastectomy in patients who refuse mammary implants. There is however the risk of unpredictable partial skin necrosis even after rigorous surgical procedures. Certain authors have proposed color flow doppler assessment before reconstructive surgery better to identify the(More)
BACKGROUND Complication rates in complex spine surgery range from 25% to 80% in published studies. Numerous studies have shown that surgeons are not able to accurately predict whether patients are likely to face post-operative complications, in part due to biases based on individual experience. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a(More)