Jean-Christophe Gay

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Three hundred and twelve patients suffering from painful conditions were admitted to a multicentre, double-blind controlled trial, conducted in general practice in which five analgesics--floctafenine (Idarac), paracetamol, aspirin, dihydrocodeine and pentazocine--were compared. Overall ratings of analgesic effect placed floctafenine first in rank order.(More)
The neuronal migration disorders are a rare group of congenital malformations of the brain that may present with epilepsy resistant to medical treatment. We studied with brain interictal SPECT 8 epileptic adult patients (3 man and 5 women) who wore affected by different neuronal migration disorders (pachygyria, megaloencephaly, squizencephaly and neuronal(More)
We have carried out a study to determine the normal values of the 'block design test' in a sample group of 58 healthy elderly persons, a test which is usually used in the clinical evaluation of constructive apraxia. We therefore describe a grading scale which has not been previously published, in order to check the possible usefulness of this drawing as a(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE In this paper we aim to determine the normal values of the clock drawing test in a sample group of 58 healthy elderly persons as a neuropsychological parameter for the evaluation of certain cognitive functions. MATERIAL AND METHODS For this we have used our own adaptation of the quantitative parameters of the clock drawing test(More)
The epidemic of neuropathy that arose in Cuba in late 1991 has clinical manifestations similar to those of other neuropathies that are nutritional in origin. In an effort to identify its possible association with the diet, a case-control study was conducted at the beginning of the epidemic in Isla de la Juventud. Dietary intake was assessed through a(More)
INTRODUCTION The axillary nerve is injured in many clinical situations, mainly in major surgical or traumatic lesions of the shoulder. Equally, it may be found in the context of microtraumatisms or compressive mechanisms. Amyotrophic neuralgia is a clinical entity with pain and later atrophy of the muscle which affects various nerves and nerve groups, as(More)
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