Jean-Christophe Géminard

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Podosomes are dynamic, actin-containing adhesion structures that collectively self-organize as rings. In this study, we first show by observing osteoclasts plated on bead-seeded soft substrates that podosome assemblies, such as rings, are involved in tension forces. During the expansion of a podosome ring, substrate displacement is oriented outward,(More)
We investigate the morphology and dynamics of the region invaded by air injected at the bottom of an immersed granular bed. Previous experimental results point out the formation of a fluidized zone with a parabolic shape which does not depend, in the stationary regime, on the injection flow-rate. By tilting the experiment, we can tune the effective gravity(More)
Many volcanoes exhibit temporal changes in their degassing process, from rapid gas puffing to lava fountaining and long-lasting quiescent passive degassing periods. This range of behaviors has been explained in terms of changes in gas flux and/or magma input rate. We report here a simple laboratory experiment which shows that the non-Newtonian rheology of(More)
Triggering large-scale motion by imposing vibrations to a system can be encountered in many situations, from daily-life shaking of saltcellar to silo unclogging or dynamic earthquakes triggering. In the well-known situation of solid or granular friction, the acceleration of imposed vibrations has often been proposed as the governing parameter for the(More)
The injection of gas in a liquid-saturated granular bed gives rise to a wide variety of invasion patterns. Many studies have focused on constrained porous media, in which the grains are fixed in the bed and only the interstitial fluid flows when the gas invades the system. With a free upper boundary, however, the grains can be entrained by the ascending gas(More)
Gas invasion in liquid-saturated sands exhibits different morphologies and dynamics. For mobile beds, the repeated rise of gas through the layer leads to the growth of a fluidized zone, which reaches a stationary shape. Here, we present experimental results characterizing the evolution of the fluidized region as a function of the gas-flow rate and grain(More)
We report on the dynamics of a model frictional system submitted to minute external perturbations. The system consists of a chain of sliders connected through elastic springs that rest on an incline. By introducing cyclic expansions and contractions of the rest length of the springs, we induce the reptation of the chain. Decreasing the amplitude of the(More)
The dry frictional contact between two solid surfaces is well known to obey Coulomb friction laws. In particular, the static friction force resisting the relative lateral (tangential) motion of solid surfaces, initially at rest, is known to be proportional to the normal force and independent of the area of the macroscopic surfaces in contact.(More)
Acknowledgments I thank you, all the people both in France and China, who gave me all kind of help and friendship. I thank you, all the jury members. I thank you, Jean-Christophe. I was so lucky to study with you, you taught me such a big thing as science, and at the same time, you always took care of all the small things and me. I could not find the(More)