Jean-Christophe Drouet

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We describe a novel supraclavicular approach to the brachial plexus. Designated as the intersternocleidomastoid technique, this new approach was tested in unembalmed cadavers. It was then applied for evaluation to 150 ASA grade I or II patients scheduled for elective surgery or physiotherapy of the upper limb or for treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy(More)
Sixteen patients (13-38 yr) undergoing spinal fusion for scoliosis under controlled hypotension were studied to determine the haemodynamic and neuroendocrine responses to IV dihydralazine (1.0 followed by 0.5 and 1 MAC of enflurane or isoflurane. Twenty minutes after dihydralazine administration mean arterial pressure (-20 per cent) and systemic(More)
STUDY DESIGN Neurogenic mixed evoked potentials are used routinely to monitor the spinal cord during spine surgery. This study investigates the differential sensory-motor contribution by using collision techniques. OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that neurogenic mixed evoked potentials do contain a motor component. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Spinal cord(More)
Labeled IgG was evaluated versus labeled albumin for measurement of plasma volume, to see whether it would give a smaller initial dilution volume (indicating a smaller premixing extravascular loss of label) and a smaller difference between initial dilution volume and dilution volume at time 10 min (indicating a negligible extravascular loss in the first 10(More)
CT and sonography were compared in 78 cases of retroperitoneal lymph nodes. The results obtained with both methods are similar. Thus, ultrasound can be chosen as the first procedure in the evaluation of retroperitoneal lymph nodes. CT will be used as a complement in case of technically insufficient sonograms.