Jean-Christophe Deschamps

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The problem addressed in this paper is the supply chain reactivity assessment through numerical experimentations regarding specifically two negotiated commitments within supply contract: the frozen horizon and flexibility rate. Analysis of impact of these commitments on each partner will be depicted in term of storage costs, reliability and reactivity(More)
This paper introduces a modelling and distributed simulation platform to be realized as a system of systems in the logistic domain. The presentation of the project context gives a sight onto the current progress of the research in the field of the networked enterprise modelling and in the implementation methods of information systems solutions, integrating(More)
As firms search to maximise value through the effective management of their various business activities, it is increasingly important to identify and understand the key factors that can significantly impact on the performance of the supply chain. The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model enables to identify four distinct processes (plan, source,(More)
In today's highly competitive world, firms try to maximize value for their customers and other stakeholders through the effective management of their supply chains. Given that performance measurement considerably affects the actions of firms' decision makers, it is increasingly important to understand the key factors that can significantly affect the(More)
Nowadays, no decisional tools allow to assess if an unforeseen customers demand variation should be accepted without creating material disruptions among a supply chain or not. The main difficulty consists in aggregating resources capacities, especially if resources perform different tasks with multiple items. This paper then proposes a data aggregation(More)
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