Jean-Christophe Crebier

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This paper deals with the design and the realization of an integrated isolated HF dc-to-dc converter for low-voltage and low-power conditioning applications (3.3 V and 1 W) including galvanic isolation. It is based on the 3-D integration of several elementary silicon dies in which essential components such as the inverter, the rectifier, the HF transformer,(More)
This paper deals with the design, the realization and the characterization of an integrated converter for low voltage and low power, isolated applications (3.3 V, 1 W). It is based on the association of two generic silicon dies performing DC to AC and AC to DC operations. The power dies are designed in CMOS technology and operate at high frequency (1 MHz)(More)
This paper focuses on a new generation of power modules, trying to optimize the tradeoff between thermal and electromagnetic interference (EMI) managements. At the same time, the packaging technique is considered in order to simplify the implementation of the power dies while improving the reliability of the structure. The approach considers the hybrid(More)
This paper deals with the advantages and drawbacks using complementary MOS structures in power converter. Approaching from the common-mode conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) perspective, this paper shows, at first, how beneficial the complementary structures are. Experimental and simulation results underline the specific behavior of such(More)
This paper presents an adaptive gate drive circuit to provide a safer and more efficient control of Wide Bandgap Devices (WBD). The gate drive circuit fabricated in AMS0.35μm HV CMOS technology has an adaptive output impedance for optimal turn-on/off driving conditions and a gate side power transistor switching transition detection. Its impedance can(More)
The enhanced Gallium-Nitride (GaN) power transistors have recently emerged as one of the promising next generations for power switches for high frequency and high power density switch mode power converters. This paper analyses and describes the requirements of a high frequency Quad Gate Driver (4 drivers) which will be embedded in an isolated low voltage(More)
The paper deals with the management and the reduction of conducted common mode EMI noise in power converters. Especially, it is presented how complementary P-N MOSFET structures, used in a specific manner, are able of great and natural common mode current reductions. The advantages obtained by the use of complementary MOSFET topologies are balanced with the(More)