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BACKGROUND Floating right heart thrombi (FRHTS) are a rare phenomenon, encountered almost exclusively in patients with suspected or proven pulmonary embolism and diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiography. Their management remains controversial. METHODS AND RESULTS We report on a series of 38 consecutive patients encountered over the past 12 years.(More)
Cochlear-implant (CI) users often have difficulties perceiving speech in noisy environments. Although this problem likely involves auditory scene analysis, few studies have examined sequential segregation in CI listening situations. The present study aims to assess the possible role of fundamental frequency (F(0)) cues for the segregation of vowel(More)
Although segregation of both simultaneous and sequential speech items may be involved in the reception of speech in noisy environments, research on the latter is relatively sparse. Further, previous studies examining the ability of hearing-impaired listeners to form distinct auditory streams have produced mixed results. Finally, there is little work(More)
INTRODUCTION Ultrasonic bone cutting is a new surgical technique used in dentistry to section hard tissues without damaging adjacent soft tissues. We hypothesized that such a device could also be useful in craniofacial surgery, particularly during the removal of the superior orbital roof during craniofaciostenosis surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS An(More)
Focused ultrasound involving inertial cavitation has been shown to be an efficient method to induce thrombolysis without any pharmacological agent. However, further investigation of the mechanisms involved and further optimization of the process are still required. The present work aims at studying the relevance of a bifrequency excitation compared to a(More)
Polyethylenimine (PEI), a cationic polymer, has been shown to aggregate plasmid DNA and facilitate its internalization. It has also been shown that combining ultrasound (US) with PEI could enhance and prolong in vitro and in vivo transgene expression. However, the role US in the enhancement of PEI uptake is poorly understood. This study investigates the(More)
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