Jean Charles Lancelot

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New drugs selective for histamine H3-receptors can be used to establish that these receptors are involved in the feedback control of histamine synthesis and release, and to demonstrate their distribution in the brain and peripheral tissues. These drugs provide new tools for affecting physiological and possibly pathological conditions in which histamine is(More)
Cetiedil is a potent blocker of acetylcholine and choline fluxes. Several analogs of this compound have been synthesized and their effect on acetylcholine (ACh) and choline fluxes in synaptosomes and on ACh uptake in synaptic vesicles have been studied. The effects of these analogs were compared to those of other drugs acting on cholinergic functions. All(More)
The crystal structure of the ®rst reported non-substituted N-methyldioxazaborocane con®rms that the presence of a methyl group attached to the N atom introduces an N3B bond length that is longer than that in a simple dioxaza-borocane ring. The presence of more N atoms in the vicinity of the B atom in the title compound [systematic name:
The design, synthesis, crystal structure and interaction with DNA of the N,N'-(butane-1,4-diyl)bis(guanidinium) tetrachloroplatinate(ll) are described. Crystal data: a = 8.152(1), b = 8.889(4), c = 10.700(3) A , alpha = 81.59(3), beta = 87.99(5), gamma = 78.48(6) degrees , V = 752(1) A(3), Z = 2 , space group P-1. The structure was refined to R = 0.039 and(More)
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