Jean-Charles Grégoire

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The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) defines a generic architecture to support communication services over a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) infrastructure. In the IMS architecture, application servers host and execute the IMS service logic. These servers can be SIP application servers, open services architecture (OSA) application servers, or a customized(More)
The success of the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in the recent years has demonstrated the increased benefits of the deployment of some form of “intelligence” within the network. Cloud computing, on the other hand, has shown the benefits of economies of scale and the use of a generic infrastructure to support a variety of services. Following that trend, we(More)
Wepresent the Edge Cloud architecture and explore how the user’s experience of the Internet is enhanced through its use, bymoving desktop functionalitywithin the network, in theVoid environment.We explore how this model allows us to expand the range of benefits of using the Internet Cloud model, especially when it comes to media processing and user(More)
Although the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Web Serviceshave been developed on the basis of different Service Delivery Platforms (SDP), opportunities for new services have emerged from converged access to IMS and Web Services. Researchers are focusing on finding means to develop converged access architectures for IMS and Web Services while preserving the(More)