Jean-Charles Grégoire

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A recent paper (Edman et al. [6]) has taken a combinatorial approach to measuring the anonymity of a threshold mix anonymous communications system. Their paper looks at ways of matching individual messages sent to individual messages received, irrespective of user, and determines a measure of the anonymity provided by the system. Here we extend this(More)
The adaptive responses of the cardiovascular system to regular physical activity appear to include a reduction in sympathetic (SNS) activity and an increase in parasympathetic (PNS) activity during rest and at different absolute intensities of exercise. In a cross-sectional design, trained individuals who exercised at least 5 days/week for 45 min/day or(More)
We present the Edge Cloud architecture and explore how the user's experience of the Internet is enhanced through its use, by moving desktop functionality within the network, in the Void environment. We explore how this model allows us to expand the range of benefits of using the Internet Cloud model, especially when it comes to media processing and user(More)