Jean-Charles Dufour

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An important barrier to the widespread dissemination of clinical decision support (CDS) is the heterogeneity of information models and terminologies used across healthcare institutions, health information systems, and CDS resources such as knowledge bases. To address this problem, the Health Level 7 (HL7) Virtual Medical Record project (an open,(More)
The overall objective of the eu-ADR project is the design, development, and validation of a computerised system that exploits data from electronic health records and biomedical databases for the early detection of adverse drug reactions. Eight different databases, containing health records of more than 30 million European citizens, are involved in the(More)
OBJECTIVE Data from electronic healthcare records (EHR) can be used to monitor drug safety, but in order to compare and pool data from different EHR databases, the extraction of potential adverse events must be harmonized. In this paper, we describe the procedure used for harmonizing the extraction from eight European EHR databases of five events of(More)
OBJECTIVES To model and implement web portals providing access to certified and high-quality information in the domain of health. MATERIAL AND METHODS The Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) knowledge sources of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and principles of implementation resulting from the previous ARIANE project are described. The XML(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) available today are not extensively used due to lack of proper integration into clinical settings, knowledge-related information resources, and lack of decision support at the point of care in a particular clinical context. OBJECTIVE The PRESGUID project (PREScription and GUIDelines) aims to improve the(More)
BACKGROUND We are currently witnessing a significant increase in use of Open Source tools in the field of health. Our study aims to research the potential of these software packages for developing countries. Our experiment was conducted at the Centre Hospitalier Mere Enfant in Mali. METHODS After reviewing several Open Source tools in the field of(More)
The aim of the French-speaking Virtual Medical University project (UMVF) is to share common resources and specific tools in order to improve medical training. Digital video on IP is an attractive tool for higher education but there are a number of obstacles to widespread implementation. This paper describes the UMVF approach to integrating digital video(More)
Recruitment of patients in clinical trials is nowadays preoccupying, as the inclusion rate is particularly low. The main identified factors are the multiplicity of open clinical trials, the high number and complexity of eligibility criteria, and the additional workload that a systematic search of the clinical trials a patient could be enrolled in for a(More)
In Europe, health and medical administrative data is increasingly accumulating on a national level. Looking further than re-use of this data on a national level, sharing health and medical administrative data would enable large-scale analyses and European-level public health projects. There is currently no research infrastructure for this type of sharing.(More)
INTRODUCTION In Africa, mortality statistics are not reliable due to the low performance of the death registering systems. Our aim is to implement an efficient system. In this article we make a comparison between the existing system model and the new system that will be set up. METHOD UML has been used as the modeling language based on the 2TUP analysis(More)