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OBJECTIVE To examine instrument reliability, validity, factor structure, and conceptual underpinnings of the Community Integration Measure (CIM) with the Community Integration Questionnaire Revised (CIQ-R) and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS). DESIGN A replication study. SETTING Community living. PARTICIPANTS Ninety-one participants: 51(More)
My local medical committee sent me here to say we want nothing to do with it. We're quite happy the way we are. Our patients are satisfied, we are satisfied, and I don't see any point in the whole business.' These comments about audit, attributed to a conference delegate from Wigan, have a familiar and contemporary ring, although they were published over a(More)
This study investigated the ability of 6 children with specific language impairment (SLI), ages 8;10 to 12;5 (years; months), to enter and participate in an ongoing dyadic interaction. Performance was compared to that of 6 chronological age-matched (CA) peers and 6 language-similar (LS) peers. All children in the LS and CA groups successfully accessed the(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify issues that patients and professionals consider important in diabetes care and differences in their priorities for care and to determine patients' and professionals' judgements of the relative importance of their chosen priorities. DESIGN Structured group interviews using the nominal group technique. SETTING Five district health(More)
The purposes of this article are 1) to compare contrasting ways of documenting pain, 2) to identify the usefulness of information each method provides, and 3) to examine implications for hand therapy. Participants are tracked for 12 months in an ongoing study of Adaptation to Hand Injury that incorporates quantitative measures of both intensity and(More)
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