Jean C. Baum

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In this study, seven soil and sedimentary humic acid samples were analyzed by synchronous scan fluorescence (SSF) spectroscopy. The spectra of these humic acids were compared to each other and characterized, based on three major SSF peaks centered at approximately 281, 367 and 470 nm. Intensity ratios were calculated based on these peaks that were used to(More)
Based on recently published initial experimental results on the intercalation of a class of broad spectrum antiparasitic compounds, we present a purely theoretical approach for determining if these compounds may preferentially intercalate with guanosine/cytosine (GC)-rich or adenosine/thymidine (TA)-rich regions of DNA. The predictive model presented herein(More)
m-Terphenyl- and biphenyl-2-diiodophosphines, TerphPI 2 and BiphPI 2, have been obtained by halide exchange from the chloro derivatives TerphPCl 2 and BiphPCl 2 and excess LiI in a benzene solution at room temperature. Whereas BiphPI 2 compounds are stable, the TerphPI 2 species undergo intramolecular C-H activation at room temperature and cyclize to form(More)
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