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[1] Variable resolution general circulation models (GCMs) using a global stretched grid with enhanced uniform resolution over the region(s) of interest have proven to be an established approach to regional climate modeling providing an efficient regional downscaling to mesoscales. This approach has been used since the early to mid-1990s by climate modeling(More)
In the hydropower industry, in situ maintenance work of turbine runners to address issues such as cavitation damage and cracking is mainly performed manually. Alternatively, the entire turbine requires disassembly and is repaired off site at greater cost. This paper presents the development and fundamentals of robotic technology designed to perform work in(More)
This paper presents the results of a partnership between Alstom and Hydro-Québec for the development of a new factory robotic polishing process. The goal is to improve turbine efficiency by reducing surface roughness to a level that is unattainable with conventional methods. Three entire axial-flow turbines for Hydro-Québec's Sarcelle power(More)
The overset grid nicknamed ”Yin-Yang” grid is singularity free and has quasi-uniform grid spacing. It is composed of two identical latitude/longitude orthogonal grid panels that are combined to cover the sphere with partial overlap on their boundaries. The system of shallow-water equations (SWEs) is a hyperbolic system at the core of many models of the(More)
2 ABSTRACT A direct elliptic boundary-value problem solver used for meteorological applications has been optimized. The problem to be solved is symmetric under a parity operation, and this is preserved by the discretization. Therefore if the mesh possesses this symmetry then the discretized problem will share this symmetry as well. The direct method can(More)