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Equal opportunities for women employees in the hospitality industry: a comparison between France, Italy, Spain and the UK
Abstract This paper considers women's employment in four countries with reference to their participation in the labour force in general and in the hospitality industry in particular. Comparison isExpand
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A Dynamic Continuity between Traditions
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The Yezidis, People of the Spoken Word in the midst of People of the Book
eous dogmas have been piled one upon another, creating one of the most astonishing syncretisms known to humanity. But in order to penetrate the mysteries of the centuriesold cross-breeding thatExpand
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Economic Habitus and Management of Needs: The Example of the Gypsies
corresponding adjective? Does ’economics’ refer to a specific relationship between ends and means, as some think, or is it defined, more prosaically, as the satisfaction of material needs? Is it aExpand
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The Criticism and Transmission of Texts in Classical India
Did the traditional Indian world know the concept of critical edition? The question seems naive, but modern scholars are not unanimous in the answer they give to it. There are three possibleExpand
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At the Margins of Theatre. On the Connection Between Theatre and Anthropology
study with a different orientation; sometimes, on the other hand, specific choices have been made to analyse structural components or generic elements of a Theatre that has nevertheless remained anExpand
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Reviews : Images of the Sky (A Chronicle)
Does living on Earth not also for human beings mean being open to the sky?’ Watching day alternate with night, relying on the seasonal cycle, finding their way according to the position of the stars,Expand
Borrowings go Round and Round. Transcending Borders and Religious Flexibility
’Siberian hunters have never been able to get used to our insistence on pressing our God on everyone else, nor to our way of abasing ourselves before him when they see us as masters of all conqueringExpand
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