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Programmers tend to avoid using language tools, resorting to ad-hoc methods, because tools can be hard to use, their parsing strategies can be difficult to understand and debug, and their generated parsers can be opaque black-boxes. In particular, there are two very common difficulties encountered by grammar developers: Understanding why a grammar fragment(More)
We show that there was little difference in the average astigmatism induced in three surgical groups (Extracapsular (EC), Phacoemulsification with and without scleral tunnelization) at the last control. An examination of a second group of patients shows a significant reduction in the time necessary for recovering at least 80% of the final visual function(More)
We monitored 300 patients who had undergone ambulatory cataract operations. Patients are more and more preferring this type of surgery, which allows them to go home immediately after the operation. We compare ambulatory ECCE and phacoemulsification operations and their complications, advantages and disadvantages. We shall not go into the real cost-saving(More)
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