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The poisoning with organophosphorus compounds represents a life threatening danger especially in the time of terroristic menace. No universal antidote has been developed yet and other therapeutic approaches not related to reactivation of acetylcholinesterase are being investigated. This review describes the main features of the cholinergic system,(More)
Biological networks with a structured syntax are a powerful way of representing biological information generated from high density data; however, they can become unwieldy to manage as their size and complexity increase. This article presents a crowd-verification approach for the visualization and expansion of biological networks. Web-based graphical(More)
Modified brilliant green agar (BGA), Muller-Kauffmann tetrathionate, Rappaport's and selenite F broths were compared for their efficiency in isolating salmonellas from pigs and their excreta. It was concluded that BGA and Rappaport's broth were the media of choice. Where searches were made for Salmonella cholerae-suis alone, the use of a trehalose McConkey(More)
A pilot reputation-based collaborative network biology platform, Bionet, was developed for use in the sbv IMPROVER Network Verification Challenge to verify and enhance previously developed networks describing key aspects of lung biology. Bionet was successful in capturing a more comprehensive view of the biology associated with each network using the(More)
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