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OBJECTIVE Effective postoperative analgesia is a critical part of fast-track cardiac surgery. This study compared the postoperative analgesic effect of fast-track anesthesia with remifentanil and spinal morphine and clonidine with that of sufentanil anesthesia followed by patient-controlled administration of intravenous morphine. DESIGN Prospective,(More)
This paper deals with robust design based on analytical models. We consider that variability on design parameters are represented by the parameter Mean and Standard Deviation. We propose in this article a new robust design approach that allows the designer either to find a robust solution in a reasonable execution time or to be informed of the non-existence(More)
In this paper, a new generic problem formulation dedicated to railway electrification systems is proposed. This formulation meets the needs for evolutivity of modern simulation tools by using meta-models for the railway network components. This approach has been applied to developp a new generalpurpose electrified railway simulator. As an example, a DC(More)
This paper presents an adapted approach for handling optimization problems of dynamic engineering design models including Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE). The approach proposed brings into play a PSO algorithm, based on a specific constraint-handling mechanism, and the Runge-Kutta 44 algorithm for solving the ODE. The PSO-RK44 approach has been(More)
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