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The hypersensitive response, or HR, is a form of cell death often associated with plant resistance to pathogen infection. Reactive oxygen intermediates and ion fluxes are proximal responses probably required for the HR. Apoptosis as defined in animal systems is, thus far, not a strict paradigm for the HR. The diversity observed in plant cell death(More)
Insertional mutant databases containing Flanking Sequence Tags (FSTs) are becoming key resources for plant functional genomics. We have developed OryGenesDB (http://orygenesdb.cirad.fr/), a database dedicated to rice reverse genetics. Insertion mutants of rice genes are catalogued by Flanking Sequence Tag (FST) information that can be readily accessed by(More)
To organize data resulting from the phenotypic characterization of a library of 30,000 T-DNA enhancer trap (ET) insertion lines of rice (Oryza sativa L cv. Nipponbare), we developed the Oryza Tag Line (OTL) database (http://urgi.versailles.inra.fr/OryzaTagLine/). OTL structure facilitates forward genetic search for specific phenotypes, putatively resulting(More)
Cell death is associated with the development of the plant disease resistance hypersensitive reaction (HR). Arabidopsis lsd mutants that spontaneously exhibit cell death reminiscent of the HR were identified previously. To study further the regulatory context in which cell death acts during disease resistance, one of these mutants, lsd5, was used to isolate(More)
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