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In many animal species the meiosis I spindle in oocytes is anastral and lacks centrosomes. Previous studies of Drosophila oocytes failed to detect the native form of the germline-specific γ-tubulin (γTub37C) in meiosis I spindles, and genetic studies have yielded conflicting data regarding the role of γTub37C in the formation of bipolar spindles at meiosis(More)
Industrial SMEs face new challenges in global markets with customers requiring more complete solutions and ability to source their procurements anywhere in the world. If large companies have enough resources to gain from the new opportunities provided by the Chinese market, small SMEs can only compete through cooperation within collaborative networks. The(More)
There is a major need to better understand the molecular basis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in order to develop effective therapeutic strategies. Using gene expression data from 587 TNBC patients we previously identified six subtypes of the disease, among which a mesenchymal-stem like (MSL) subtype. The MSL subtype has significantly higher(More)
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