Jean-Baptiste Thomas

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Thanks to some technical progress in interferencefilter design based on different technologies, we can finally successfully implement the concept of multispectral filter array-based sensors. This article provides the relevant state-of-the-art for multispectral imaging systems and presents the characteristics of the elements of our multispectral sensor as a(More)
Inspired by the concept of the colour filter array (CFA), the research community has shown much interest in adapting the idea of CFA to the multispectral domain, producing multispectral filter arrays (MSFAs). In addition to newly devised methods of MSFA demosaicking, there exists a wide spectrum of methods developed for CFA. Among others, some vector based(More)
We evaluate, analyse and propose improvements to a previously published end-user calibration method for projection devices (Bala and Braun, CIC 2006). We focus on the estimation of the displays tone response curve, using only an uncalibrated consumercamera. The results show that the method is accurate, depending on both the projector and the camera used. We(More)
Philippe Colantoni Jean-Baptiste Thomas Jon Y. Hardeberg Abstract — A new, accurate, and technology-independent display color-characterization model is introduced. It is based on polyharmonic spline interpolation and on an optimized adaptive training data set. The establishment of this model is fully automatic and requires only a few minutes, making it(More)
The idea of colour filter array may be adapted to multispectral image acquisition by integrating more filter types into the array, and developing associated demosaicking algorithms. Several methods employing discrete wavelet transform (DWT) have been proposed for CFA demosaicking. In this work, we put forward an extended use of DWT for multispectral filter(More)
We have defined an inverse model for colorimetric characterization of additive displays. It is based on an optimized three-dimensional tetrahedral structure. In order to minimize the number of measurements, the structure is defined using a forward characterization model. Defining a regular grid in the device-dependent destination color space leads to(More)
Multispectral acquisition improves machine vision since it permits capturing more information on object surface properties than color imaging. The concept of spectral filter arrays has been developed recently and allows multispectral single shot acquisition with a compact camera design. Due to filter manufacturing difficulties, there was, up to recently, no(More)
Recent simulations of multispectral sensors are based on a simple Gaussian model, which includes filters transmittance and substrate absorption. In this paper we want to make the distinction between these two layers. We discuss the balance of energy by channel in multispectral solid state sensors and propose an updated simple Gaussian model to simulate(More)
This research investigated the measured contrast of projection displays based on pictures taken by un-calibrated digital cameras under typical viewing conditions. A high-end radiometer was employed as a reference to the physical response of projection luminance. Checkerboard, gray scale and color complex test images with a range of the projector's(More)