Jean-Baptiste Thomas

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Inspired by the concept of the colour filter array (CFA), the research community has shown much interest in adapting the idea of CFA to the multispectral domain, producing multispectral filter arrays (MSFAs). In addition to newly devised methods of MSFA demosaicking, there exists a wide spectrum of methods developed for CFA. Among others, some vector based(More)
This work proposes a study of the Piecewise Linear assuming Variation in Chromaticity (PLVC) display color characterization model. This model has not been widely used as the improved accuracy compared with the more common PLCC (Piecewise Linear assuming Chromaticity Constancy) model is not significant for CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display technology, and it(More)
We evaluate, analyse and propose improvements to a previously published end-user calibration method for projection devices (Bala and Braun, CIC 2006). We focus on the estimation of the displays tone response curve, using only an uncalibrated consumercamera. The results show that the method is accurate, depending on both the projector and the camera used. We(More)
We introduce a new accurate and technology independent display color characterization model for color rendering of multispectral images. The establishment of this model is automatic, and does not exceed the time of a coffee break to be efficient in a practical situation. This model is a part of the color management workflow of the new tools designed at the(More)
— A new, accurate, and technology-independent display color-characterization model is introduced. It is based on polyharmonic spline interpolation and on an optimized adaptive training data set. The establishment of this model is fully automatic and requires only a few minutes, making it efficient in a practical situation. The experimental results are very(More)
The idea of colour filter array may be adapted to multi-spectral image acquisition by integrating more filter types into the array, and developing associated demosaicking algorithms. Several methods employing discrete wavelet transform (DWT) have been proposed for CFA demosaicking. In this work, we put forward an extended use of DWT for mul-tispectral(More)