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appearance dynamically, so they are as reconfigurable as pixels on a screen. Radical Atoms is a vision for the future of human-material interactions, in which all digital information has physical manifestation so that we can interact directly with it—as if the iceberg had risen from the depths to reveal its sunken mass (Figure 1c). From GuI to TuI Humans(More)
We present DynaSpot, a new technique for acquiring targets based on the area cursor. DynaSpot couples the cursor's activation area with its speed, behaving like a point cursor at low speed or when motionless. This technique minimizes visual distraction and allows pointing anywhere in empty space without requiring an explicit mode switch, thus enabling users(More)
In the context of a three-year longitudinal participatory design project with six multi-household families in Sweden and France, we collaboratively developed and tested a series of "communication appliances" in their homes. Each prototype enabled family members to share a particular type of information, including handwritten notes, candid photographs,(More)
Creative processes are complex phenomena. Traditional scientific models such as those used in quantitative and qualitative methods are aiming for prediction or categorisation. These intentions, though rigorous and universal, are not able to give insightful accounts of the structure of the creative experience. Like human beings, creative processes are(More)
How to create & animate an object of simple, abstract form which movement would confer a behavior? How to give the impression that such an object have a personality allowing to be proactive, with self-motivated behavior, not directly responding to our expectations, or even challenging them through the demonstration of mis-behavior? To address these(More)
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