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The frequency, amplitude, and noise of the output signal of a quartz oscillator are affected by a large number of environmental effects. The physical basis for the sensitivity of precision oscillators to temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and vibration, magnetic field, electric field, load, and radiation is examined. The sensitivity of quartz(More)
  • J J Gagnepain
  • 1990
The advantages and disadvantages of characterizing a complete quartz crystal oscillator or characterizing only the quartz resonator by using a passive phase bridge are discussed. Measurements of temperature sensitivities, including quasistatic or dynamic thermal conditions, are presented. One important point is how to measure the real temperature of the(More)
Research in Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to biomedicine has been deeply investigated in recent years. The application to upper limb prosthesis is a wide field. Traditionally virtual upper limb prosthesis is a desktop application , used for training in rehabilitation centers. Thus, this article reports on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in a(More)
The case is reported of a boy aged 15 who suffered a bilateral lesion of the temporal convexity after a brain traumatism; he died 5 years later and the symptoms during that period are described. The clinical picture is adequately described neither under the title of dementia, nor under that of aphasia. The concept of an abolition involving the systems of(More)
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