Jean-Baptiste Fouet

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We describe an open-source implementation of minimum error rate training (MERT) for statistical machine translation (SMT). This was implemented within the Moses toolkit, although it is essentially standsalone, with the aim of replacing the existing implementation with a cleaner, more flexible design, in order to facilitate further research in weight(More)
This paper describes an initial version of a general purpose French/English statistical machine translation system. The main features of this system are the open-source Moses de-coder, the integration of a bilingual dictionary and a continuous space target language model. We analyze the performance of this system on the test data of the WMT'08 evaluation.
Serum lipids, skin apoprotein B (apo B) and skin cholesterol measurements have been investigated in 2 populations: one with normal coronarography, the other with pathological coronarography. Within these 2 populations there were highly significant differences in serum apo B (P less than 0.001), skin cholesterol (P less than 0.01) and skin apo B (P less than(More)
We show that Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interactions can substantially modify the phase diagram of spin-1/2 Heisenberg ladders in a magnetic field provided they compete with exchange. For nonfrustrated ladders, they induce a local magnetization along the DM vector that turns the gapless intermediate phase into an Ising phase with broken translational(More)
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