Jean Baptiste Fassier

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BACKGROUND Many employers and other stakeholders believe that health examinations of job applicants prevent occupational diseases and sickness absence. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of pre-employment examinations of job applicants in preventing occupational injury, disease and sickness absence compared to no intervention or alternative(More)
OBJECTIVES The pre-return-to-work medical consultation during sick leave for low back pain (LBP) aims at assessing the worker's ability to resume working without risk for his/her health, and anticipating any difficulties inherent to returning to work and job retention. This article summarizes the good practices guidelines proposed by the French Society of(More)
Purpose There is growing research evidence that workplace factors influence disability outcomes, but these variables reflect a variety of stakeholder perspectives, measurement tools, and methodologies. The goal of this article is to summarize existing research of workplace factors in relation to disability, compare this with employer discourse in the grey(More)
Since it allows a better quality of life, return to work must be considered ever since the early stages of the health care pathway following a cardiovascular disease. Seeing the occupational physician beforehand, so as to anticipate the return to work, is crucial. Dialogue between cardiologists, general practitioners and occupational physician, still(More)
Among the causes of mortality observed in the elderly population between 65 years and 80 years, the specific mortality rate related to AAA has been rising for several years. The interest of screening programs has been demonstrated and elective surgery is likely to reduce the incidence of rupture in at risk patients. This prospective study will allow us to(More)
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