Jean-Baptiste Arnaud

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Supporting read-only and side effect free execution has been the focus of a large body of work in the area of statically typed programming languages. So far, dynamically typed languages have been poorly addressed despite their increasing presence in the web and multi-language applications. Read-onlyness in dynamically typed languages is difficult to achieve(More)
In dynamic object-oriented languages, low-level mechanisms such as just-in-time compilation, object allocation, garbage collection (GC) and method dispatch are often handled by virtual machines (VMs). VMs are typically implemented using static languages, allowing only few changes at run time. In such systems, the VM is not part of the language and(More)
Controlling object graphs and giving specific semantics to references (such as read-only, ownership, scoped sharing) has been the focus of a large body of research in the context of static type systems. Controlling references to single objects and to graphs of objects is essential to be able to build more secure systems, but is notoriously hard to achieve(More)
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