Jean A. Pratt

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Advances in e-learning technologies parallels a general increase in sophistication by computer users. The use of just one theory or model, such as the technology acceptance model, is no longer sufficient to study the intended use of e-learning systems. Rather, a combination of theories must be integrated in order to fully capture the complexity of(More)
Information systems permeate every business function, thereby requiring holistic Information Systems (IS) approaches. Much academic research is still discipline specific. More interdisciplinary research is needed to inform both industry and academe. Interdisciplinary research has been positively associated with increased levels of innovation, productivity(More)
Mortality and morbidity rates for childhood leukemia are examined with reference to time trends and racial differences. Prior to 1964, white and nonwhite children had very different acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) mortality rates. With the advent of successful chemotherapy, the mortality rate of ALL in white children has decreased resulting in virtually no(More)
Would adding instructional elements to minimalist-based instruction increase the rate and retention of learning? Logically, it might be expected that providing learners with additional instructional aids would result in increased learning. Conversely, I found that the additional instructional features actually distracted the learner from the critical(More)
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