Jea Young Min

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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by the deposition of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. The presence of the amyloid-beta (Abeta) peptide in senile plaques seems to play a central role in the neuropathology of AD. Diagnosis of AD involves neuropsychological examinations or magnetic resonance imaging and, to date, a specific(More)
Staurosporin, a specific inhibitor of PKC, is widely used in studies of signal transduction pathways. Previous studies have shown that staurosporin induces neurite outgrowth, but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Here we report that staurosporin induces neurite outgrowth in HN33 hippocampal cells. Two other PKC inhibitors, Go 6976 (specific for(More)
We present a laser plasma based x-ray microscope for the water window employing a high-average power laser system for plasma generation. At 90 W laser power a brightness of 7.4 x 10 11 photons/(s x sr x μm 2) was measured for the nitrogen Ly α line emission at 2.478 nm. Using a multilayer condenser mirror with 0.3 % reflectivity 10 6 photons/(μm 2 x s) were(More)
During DNA replication by the λ-like bacteriophages, immature concatemeric DNA is produced by rolling circle replication. The concatemers are processed into mature chromosomes with cohesive ends, and packaged into prohead shells, during virion assembly. Cohesive ends are generated by the viral enzyme terminase, which introduces staggered nicks at cos, an(More)
We report a defect state based guided-wave photoconductive detector at 1360-1630 nm telecommunication wavelength directly in standard microelectronics CMOS processes, with zero in-foundry process modification. The defect states in the polysilicon used to define a transistor gate assists light absorption. The body crystalline silicon helps form an inverse(More)
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