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Three-dimensional (3D) stackable memory devices including nano-scaled crossbar array are central for the realization of high-density non-volatile memory electronics. However, an essential sneak path issue affecting device performance in crossbar array remains a bottleneck and a grand challenge. Therefore, a suitable bidirectional selector as a two-way(More)
The etch characteristics of magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ) related materials such as CoFeB, MgO, FePt, Ru, and W as hard mask have been investigated as functions of rf pulse biasing, substrate heating, and CH4/N2O gas combination in an inductively coupled plasma system. When CH4/N2O gas ratio was varied, at CH4/N2O gas ratio of 2:1, not only the highest(More)
The magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ)-related materials such as CoFeB, CoPt, MgO, and Ru, and W were etched using CH3OH in a pulse-biased inductively coupled plasma system and the effect of bias pulsing (100% 30% duty percentage) on the etch characteristics of the MTJ-related materials was investigated at the substrate temperature of 200 degrees C. The etch(More)
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