Je Schmid

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The aim of the present study was to investigate the attachment mechanisms that enable the thermophile Anoxybacillus flavithermus (B12) to attach to stainless-steel surfaces. Passing a B12 culture through a column of stainless-steel chips, collecting the first cells to pass through, re-culturing, and repeating the process six times, resulted in the isolation(More)
The first case of a clinically and histologically verified miliary form of endometriosis of the lung is reported here. The cardinal symptom was a menstrually synchronised hemoptysis, which by treatment with high doses of progestins disappeared. After operative castration a complete remittence with normal chest X ray was attained. Pathogenesis and frequency(More)
The results of oestriol excretion, HPL activity and fetal heart rate monitoring are presented during the last three weeks before the birth or the intrauterine fetal death. Abnormal results were found in all cases at least two weeks before the intrauterine death. In the same periode, we observed a raise of abnormal values in cases with intrauterine(More)