Je-Hwan Won

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Takayasu's arteritis is a chronic inflammatory vasculitis, involving mainly the aorta and its main branches and the pulmonary arteries, with characteristic of stenotic and occasionally dilated lesions. Neurologic manifestations of Takayasu's arteritis range from simple headache to catastrophic neurologic impairments, including visual loss, stroke and(More)
Chronic periaortitis (CP) is a rare disease, the common denominator of which is a retroperitoneal periaortic fibroinflammatory tissue that frequently obstructs neighboring structures. CP has already been reported in association with various autoimmune disorders, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjögren's syndrome. The(More)
A 25-year-old Korean woman was referred for uncontrolled hypertension. Laboratory examination revealed increased plasma renin activity and microscopic hematuria. Computed tomography demonstrated compression of the left renal vein (LRV) between the aorta and superior mesenteric artery; however, both renal arteries were intact and there was no adrenal mass.(More)
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