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BACKGROUND Cucumber, Cucumis sativus L., is an economically and nutritionally important crop of the Cucurbitaceae family and has long served as a primary model system for sex determination studies. Recently, the sequencing of its whole genome has been completed. However, transcriptome information of this species is still scarce, with a total of around 8,000(More)
MOTIVATION An important issue in stem cell biology is to understand how to direct differentiation towards a specific cell type. To elucidate the mechanism, previous studies have focused on identifying the responsible gene regulators, which have, however, failed to provide a systemic view of regulatory modules. To obtain a unified description of the(More)
MOTIVATION MicroRNAs (miRNAs) and mRNAs constitute an important part of gene regulatory networks, influencing diverse biological phenomena. Elucidating closely related miRNAs and mRNAs can be an essential first step towards the discovery of their combinatorial effects on different cellular states. Here, we propose a probabilistic learning method to identify(More)
MOTIVATION MicroRNAs miRNAs play important roles in gene regulation and are regarded as key components in gene regulatory pathways. Systematically understanding functional roles of miRNAs is essential to define core transcriptional units regulating key biological processes. Here, we propose a method based on the probabilistic graphical model to identify the(More)
OBJECTIVE Cancer can involve gene dysregulation via multiple mechanisms, so no single level of genomic data fully elucidates tumor behavior due to the presence of numerous genomic variations within or between levels in a biological system. We have previously proposed a graph-based integration approach that combines multi-omics data including copy number(More)
Tomato Functional Genomics Database (TFGD) provides a comprehensive resource to store, query, mine, analyze, visualize and integrate large-scale tomato functional genomics data sets. The database is functionally expanded from the previously described Tomato Expression Database by including metabolite profiles as well as large-scale tomato small RNA (sRNA)(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small and noncoding RNAs that play important roles in various biological processes. They regulate target mRNAs post-transcriptionally through complementary base pairing. Since the changes of miRNAs affect the expression of target genes, the expression levels of target genes in specific biological processes could be(More)
BACKGROUND To infer the tree of life requires knowledge of the common characteristics of each species descended from a common ancestor as the measuring criteria and a method to calculate the distance between the resulting values of each measure. Conventional phylogenetic analysis based on genomic sequences provides information about the genetic(More)
BACKGROUND Clustering-based methods on gene-expression analysis have been shown to be useful in biomedical applications such as cancer subtype discovery. Among them, Matrix factorization (MF) is advantageous for clustering gene expression patterns from DNA microarray experiments, as it efficiently reduces the dimension of gene expression data. Although(More)