Jayson Wilkenfield

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The present study examined the acquisition of lever pressing in rats under three procedures in which food delivery was delayed by 4, 8, and 16 seconds relative to the response. Under the nonresetting delay procedure, food followed the response selected for reinforcement after a specified interval elapsed; responses during this interval had no programmed(More)
The effects of the antiepilepsy drugs methsuximide and mephenytoin were examined in pigeons responding under a fixed-consecutive-number (FCN) schedule with and without an added external discriminative stimulus. On this schedule, food was delivered whenever subjects responded between 8 and 12 times on one response key (work key), and then responded once on a(More)
There are several Golden Rules associated with the presentation of Concluding Remarks at Faraday Discussions. The Ðrst of these, “ask someone else to give themÏ has, sadly, been obeyed because of Prof. HochstrasserÏs enforced immobility, occasioned by a prolapsed disc. We wish him a speedy recovery. The second Rule, “ if you have nothing to say, say(More)
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