Jayshree Rath

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BACKGROUND The pigmented or melanotic variant of choroid plexus carcinoma is very rarely encountered. CASE REPORT We report herein a case of melanotic or pigmented choroid plexus carcinoma in the posterior fossa of an 11-year-old female. CONCLUSIONS A histopathological study supported by immunohistochemistry helped the authors to diagnose this rare(More)
Post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) is a rare disease. This is a solitary case report from Orissa, India. We describe a case of PKDL in a 55-year-old male who presented with multiple nodular lesions over face, trunk, and extremities. The patient had been to an endemic area of kala-azar and had a previous history of leishmaniasis. Fine needle(More)
BACKGROUND Although liver biopsy remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease [NAFLD], many non-invasive markers of liver fibrosis have recently been proposed and assessed as surrogates of liver biopsy. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE To evaluate the degree of liver fibrosis by different non-invasive fibrosis scoring systems and to(More)
Haemangioblastoma is a rare benign vascular tumor commonly seen in the cerebellum. There is a striking histologic similarity between cellular variant of haemangioblastoma and metastatic renal cell carcinoma. We present a case of haemangioblastoma in a 32-year-old male. Histology revealed a highly vascular tumor composed of clear cells in a lobular(More)
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