Jayshree Agrawal

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AIMS The frequency, with which restricted mouth opening is encountered in the clinical practice, makes it essential to establish what constitutes the normal range. This study was undertaken to evaluate the normal range of mouth opening in adult population in south India. SETTINGS AND DESIGN randomized clinical study conducted on dentate adult patients to(More)
Dens evaginatus (DE) and dens invaginatus (DI) are developmental anomalies that affect the shape of the teeth. Although they have been found singly and in association with other developmental anomalies in the same patient, it is uncommon to observe these two anomalies in the same tooth. There are only a few published cases of concurrent DI and DE in the(More)
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a group of idiopathic disorders characterized by proliferation of bone marrow derived Langerhans cells and mature eosinophils. Their clinical features simulate common oral findings such as gingival enlargement, oral ulcers, and mobility of teeth, along with nonspecific radiographic features; hence, diagnosing such(More)
Clear cell tumor in oral cavity constitutes an assorted group of lesions, which may be odontogenic, metastatic or of salivary gland origin. Those associated with salivary glands accounts for less than 1% of total cases mainly seen in the major salivary gland. Occurrence of clear cell carcinoma in minor salivary gland is rare and uncommon. Hence, this case(More)
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