Jayprakash Thakur

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A new halimane diterpenoid, 13-hydroxy-5(10),14-halimadien-6-one (1) and two new labdane diterpenoids, 6α,7α-diacetoxy-13-hydroxy-8(9),14-labdadien (2) and 9-hydroxy-13(14)-labden-15,16-olide (3), were isolated for the first time, along with fifteen known compounds, from the hexane soluble fraction of methanolic extract of Vitex trifolia leaves. The(More)
The antitubercular activity of selected flavonoids and their structure–activity relationships were studied against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H 37 Rv strain radiometrically by BACTEC 460 assay. Present study led to the identification of five flavonoids, viz., luteolin, baicalein, quercetin, myricetin and hispidulin with MIC 25–100 μg ml−1, as new(More)
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