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The return of religion or the end of religion? On the need to rethink religion as a category of social and political life
During the last decades of the 20th century, Western philosophy saw a renewed interest in religion, often referred to as ‘the return of religion’. At about the same time, a growing number ofExpand
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Enlightened Prejudices : Anti-Jewish Tropes in Modern Philosophy
In the wake of the atrocities of the twentieth century, the standard account of the Enlightenment, as a warranty of universal ideals of rationality and morality, has been challenged from a number ofExpand
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Christian Europe : Borders and Boundaries of a Mythological Conception
When it became clear, late in the evening of July 22, 2011, that the person responsible for the most appalling act of terrorism in modern Norwegian history was Anders Behring Breivik, a whiteExpand
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After Utopia : On the Post-war Debates on History and Ideology
The article engages in the critical debates over the utopian aspects of the Western heritage that took place in the wake of the Second World War. A striking feature of these debates is how thinkersExpand
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Wrestling with Angels Or How to Avoid Decisionist Messianic Romances
Throughout (Christian) history, the messianic event has been linked in the imagination to the idea of a consumption – and thus abrogation – of the (Jewish) Law. Although there is little scripturalExpand
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Desire and Justice : Levinas and Heschel on Human and Divine Pathos
The article investigates notions of subjectivity, pathos, desire and God in the philosophies of Emmanuel Levinas and Abraham Heschel. By bringing the two philosophers into dialogue, the article aimsExpand
Sacrifice, Conflict, and the Foundation of Culture. A Response to Merold Westphal
SUMMARY In the wake of the geo-political development in recent years, the question of sacrifice has come to the fore in the contemporary philosophical discussion. Does sacrifice merely sharpenExpand
The Visionary Potential of the Biblical Legacy
The article gives a brief overview of the debates over the political value of the biblical legacy and raises the question as to whether this legacy may in fact offer constructive impulses toExpand