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  • Jayne Orr
  • The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue véte…
  • 1992
Results of necropsy examinations of 297 bovine carcasses with naturally occurring disease caused by Haemophilus somnus infection, and necropsied at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in the period from 1970 to 1990, were analyzed with reference to the ages of affected cattle, seasonal occurrence of disease, the relative frequency of encephalitis,(More)
A 16-week-old, male boxer dog developed multifocal nodular dermatitis followed by rapidly progressive and fatal neuromuscular disease. Protozoal tachyzoites were demonstrated by aspiration and biopsy of dermal lesions. Necropsy and histology revealed necrotising inflammation associated with intralesional protozoal organisms in various organs including the(More)
A very high incidence of posterior paresis in growing calves was casued by abnormal development of the vertebral column. The pathological changes were focal premature synostoses of vertebral growth plates with resulting reduction in size of the vertebral canal. Malacic changes were seen in sections from all areas of the spinal cord. Abnormalities in growth(More)
  • Jayne Orr
  • Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue…
  • 1984
A highly malignant fibrosarcoma which arose in or close to the mammary gland of a 12 year old Ayrshire cow, with metastases in local lymph nodes, lungs, liver, kidney and adrenal glands has been described. The tumors were densely cellular and consisted of interweaving bands of fusiform cells with a high mitotic index. Infiltration of normal tissues and(More)
Apparent monensin toxicity was diagnosed in a group of Maine Anjou bulls placed on a performance test in a commercial feedyard in east central Saskatchewan. The clinical, hematological and pathological findings were consistent with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. The suspected dose ingested by the bulls was based on a mixing error evident from the(More)
There have been occasional reports in the literature of a severe naturally occurring enteric disease of cattle in which adenoviral inclusions were found in intestinal vascular endothelium. Bovine adenovirus type 10 (BAV-10) was identified by in situ hybridisation (ISH) in the inclusions of all 13 such cattle detected in Northern Ireland [Smyth, J.A., Benkö,(More)
This study examined the impact of a systematic nursing pain assessment tool (PAT) and pain flow sheet (PFS) on pain management. A control group (N = 23) was compared with a treatment group (N = 20) of hospitalized patients on a medical oncology unit. In the control group, "routine" charting of pain was done in the nurses' narrative notes. Patients in the(More)
Lesions of heart failure, specifically cardiac dilation or hypertrophy along with a nodular liver (chronic passive congestion) and ascites, have been found in 4-5% of aborted bovine fetuses. In this study, a group of 22 such fetuses was compared with groups of aborted fetuses without lesions of heart failure and with nonaborted fetuses obtained from a(More)