Jayne Lewis-Kulzer

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HIV departments within Kenyan health facilities are usually better staffed and equipped than departments offering non-HIV services. Integration of HIV services into primary care may address this issue of skewed resource allocation. Between 2008 and 2010, we piloted a system of integrating HIV services into primary care in rural Kenya. Before integration, we(More)
Background. Kenyan antiretroviral (ART) guidelines encourage treatment buddies (TBy) to maximize treatment adherence. This study examined the effect of TBys on clinic attendance in men and women on ART. Methods. This retrospective cohort study included all adult patients initiating ART from August 2007 to December 2011 at four health facilities in Kenya.(More)
BACKGROUND Using opinion leaders to accelerate the dissemination of evidence-based public health practices is a promising strategy for closing the gap between evidence and practice. Network interventions (using social network data to accelerate behavior change or improve organizational performance) are a promising but under-explored strategy. We aimed to(More)
Title: Rapid Sociometric Mapping of Community Health Workers to Identify Opinion Leaders using an SMS Platform: a short report Authors: Thomas Odeny (odeny@uw.edu) Maya Petersen (mayaliv@berkeley.edu) Charles Muga (ctmuga@kemri-ucsf.org) Jayne Lewis-Kulzer (jayne.lewis-kulzer@ucsf.edu) Elizabeth Bukusi (ebukusi@kemri.org) Elvin Geng (elvin.geng@ucsf.edu)(More)
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