Jaykumar R. Gade

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AIMS To evaluate and compare the push-out bond strength of root filled with Endosequence BC, AH Plus and Endomethasone N sealers using lateral condensation and thermoplasticized technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty mandibular premolars with completely formed roots were selected. Teeth were decoronated, working length was determined. Instrumentation and(More)
BACKGROUND In the world of technology, when today's student is approaching the on-line /distance learning in the open universities and doing on-line self-assessment, the classroom learning is vanishing slowly. Globally, teachers are taking efforts to improve the pedagogy by implementing effective methods to retain the classroom teaching and student(More)
BACKGROUND Caries is the most common dental disease facing the world population. Caries can be prevented by remineralizing early enamel lesions. AIM To evaluate remineralization efficacy of stannous fluoride (SnF2), casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate with fluoride (CPP-ACPF) and calcium sucrose phosphate (CaSP). MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
CONTEXT Microbial control is of paramount importance in Clinical Endodontics. Therefore, cleaning and disinfection of root canals are essential to achieve endodontic success. AIMS The purpose of this study is to compare the efficacy of EndoVac irrigation system and conventional needle (30 gauges side venting needle) irrigation for removal of debris from(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of retention has been cited to be the most common cause of the failure of postretained restoration with irreversible consequences when materials with different compositions are in intimate contact at the post/adhesive interface. With this background, a study was conducted to improve the adhesion at the resin phase of fiber posts using silane(More)
The endodontic treatment of a mandibular molar with aberrant canal configuration can be diagnostically and clinically challenging. Successful endodontic therapy thus depends on the clinician's ability to anticipate and look for these aberrant variations. A mandibular first molar with seven canals represents a rare anatomical variant, particularly when four(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this research was to compare stress distribution on the bone between single implant-retained and two-implant-retained mandibular overdentures using three-dimensional (3D) finite element analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two 3D finite element models were designed. The first model included single implant-supported mandibular overdenture(More)
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