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Caveolae are vesicular organelles that represent a sub-compartment of the plasma membrane. Caveolins (Cav-1, -2 and -3) and flotillins (FLO-1 and FLO-2 [also known as epidermal surface antigens (ESAs)] are two families of mammalian caveolae-associated integral membrane proteins. Although a caveolin gene family has recently been described in the invertebrate(More)
The innate immune system senses viral DNA that enters mammalian cells, or in aberrant situations self-DNA, and triggers type I interferon production. Here we present an integrative approach that combines quantitative proteomics, genomics and small molecule perturbations to identify genes involved in this pathway. We silenced 809 candidate genes, measured(More)
The tumor suppressor ARF inhibits cell growth in response to oncogenic stress in a p53-dependent manner. Also, there is an increasing appreciation of ARF's ability to inhibit cell growth via multiple p53-independent mechanisms, including its ability to regulate the E2F pathway. We have investigated the interaction between the tumor suppressor ARF and DP1,(More)
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