Jayeeta Ghosh

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We performed molecular dynamics simulations of the low-molecular weight organic glass former ortho-terphenyl in bulk and freestanding films. The main motivation is to provide molecular insight into the confinement effect without explicit interfaces. Based on earlier models of ortho-terphenyl we developed an atomistic model for bulk simulations. The model(More)
We used Wang-Landau density of states Monte Carlo to study a binary Lennard-Jones glass-forming mixture in bulk and films between noninteracting walls. Thermodynamic properties are calculated using two different ensembles and film data are compared with the bulk. Bulk properties are in good agreement with previous simulations. We confirm the formation of a(More)
A reported anomaly in the experimental scaling of the widths of Stark broadened n=3, Delta n=0 spectral lines along the carbon isoelectronic sequence is not observed in the present experiments. The ratio omega(N)/omega(O) of widths for N II lines compared to those for the narrower O III lines for the same transitions is now measured as lying between two(More)
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