Jaye White

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Preschool-aged children with speech-sound disorders may be at risk for associated deficits in fine motor function. The objectives of this study were 2-fold: (1) to determine whether abnormalities in fine motor function could be detected in 2- to 5-year-old children with speech-sound disorders and (2) to determine whether there was a correlation between(More)
Speech-sound disorders are common in preschool-age children, and are characterized by difficulty in the planning and production of speech sounds and their combination into words and sentences. The objective of this study was to review and compare the results of the Sensory Profile (Dunn, 1999) in children with a specific type of speech-sound disorder,(More)
This study examined the moderating effects of sociotropic cognition (SC), a nondefensive need for approval, on stress-induced cardiovascular responsiveness (CVR) in women. Sixty-seven college-age females had blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) monitored during baseline, anticipation, story-telling (where participants were randomly assigned to a low or(More)
In recent years, a national discussion has emerged concerning what parents should tell their children about their own past drug use. DRUGNET is an ongoing, on-line survey of successful, healthy, adults who occasionally use illicit drugs. This paper reviews data from a subset of this survey, namely, those respondents who were parents with self-reported use(More)
This study investigated the relations among psychological birth order, actual birth order, and lifestyle. The study also further examined the convergent validity of the White-Campbell Psychological Birth Order Inventory. This inventory and Kern's Lifestyle Scale were administered to 126 individuals in a southeastern urban university. The several analyses of(More)
DRUGNET was a cross-sectional survey of adult recreational drug users (i.e., not abusers) via the World Wide Web of the Internet. The purpose of this survey was to provide a unique, broad description of nondeviant adult recreational drug users. The survey instrument had four divisions: demographic and lifestyle indices, drug use history, legal history and(More)
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