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It has been estimated that five million snake bite cases occur worldwide every year, causing about 100,000 deaths. Snake bite is exclusively accidental in nature. Suicide by snake bite is very rare and homicidal snake bite is not reported. In the present case, a contract killer was hired, who used a poisonous snake to kill an elderly couple by way of direct(More)
Fatalities due to attacks by tigers on humans are uncommon and are rarely described in the medico-legal literature. We herein present a forensic investigation in a unique case of a fatal tiger attack in the wild on a 35 year old female in India by an Indian Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). The attack resulted in two pairs of puncture wounds over the(More)
"Kite fights" are quite popular throughout Asia. Most kite variations, including the fighter kites of India, Pakistan, and Japan, are small, flat, roughly diamond-shaped kites composed of paper, with a tapered bamboo spine and a balanced bow. They are flown with the help of a "Manja," which is a thread made of cotton or nylon, and coated with fine glass(More)
Traumatic asphyxia is a rare syndrome due to compression of thorax, abdomen or both. The diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia is based on typical findings consisting of cervico-facial congestion with swelling, multiple petechial hemorrhages in skin and conjunctiva with a history of traumatic compression. The authors report three cases of traumatic asphyxia in(More)
The cause and manner of death in submersion cases are a routine challenge for forensic pathologists as they present considerable diagnostic difficulties. The present study was undertaken with a view to determine the characteristic pattern in bodies retrieved from water. From a total of 6779 medicolegal deaths reported at an Apex Medical Centre, Yeotmal, a(More)
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