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—This paper addresses the problem of achieving exact dynamic force control with manipulators possessing the low-level position and/or velocity controllers typically employed in industrial robot arms. Previously reported approaches and experimental results are reviewed. A new adaptive force control algorithm for velocity/position controlled robot arms in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Seed misplacement occurring in transperineal permanent implants contributes to the degradation in dose coverage. It has been suggested that needles could be used to immobilize the prostate and help reduce misplacement. This study investigates the effects of parallel stabilizing needles on seed misplacement. MATERIALS AND METHODS A(More)
PURPOSE To establish dosimetry guidelines to minimize urethral and rectal morbidity following permanent I-125 prostatic brachytherapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS Dosimetric parameters were correlated with long-term morbidity for 65 patients following transperineal I-125 implantation for Stage T1/T2 prostatic carcinoma. The prescribed minimum prostatic dose was(More)
PURPOSE We analyze patterns of prostate growth in men diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and treated with placebo during 4 years, and determine which baseline parameters were the strongest predictors of growth. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 3,040 men were enrolled in the 4-year randomized, placebo controlled Proscar Long-Term Efficacy(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to assess daily prostatic apex motion relative to pelvic bone structures during megavoltage irradiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS Radioopaque markers were implanted under ultrasound guidance near the prostatic apex of 11 patients with localized prostatic carcinoma. Patients were subsequently treated with a four field-box(More)
PURPOSE Finasteride, an oral type 2, 5alpha-reductase inhibitor, is used in 1 mg. daily doses for the treatment of male pattern hair loss. A dose of 5 mg. finasteride daily reduces ejaculate volume by approximately 25%, and reduces prostate volume by approximately 20% and serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) by approximately 50% in men with benign(More)
A known impurity is formed in the production of a parenteral dosage form of diclofenac sodium if terminally sterilized by autoclave. This impurity has been detected as 1-(2,6-dichlorophenyl) indolin-2qone, which is also an intermediate from which diclofenac sodium is generally synthesized. It is only the condition of the autoclave method (i.e., 123 +/- 2(More)
We present measurements of the branching fractions of the decays B+-->eta'K+ and B0-->eta'K0. For B0-->eta(')K(0)(S) we also measure the time-dependent CP-violation parameters S eta'(K(0)(S)) and C eta'(K(0)(S)), and for B+-->eta'K+ the time-integrated charge asymmetry A(ch). The data sample corresponds to 88.9 x 10(6) BB pairs produced by e(+)e(-)(More)
PURPOSE To quantify disease progression and morbidity following computer tomography (CT)-based transperineal iodine 125 prostate implantation. METHODS Ninety-two patients with clinical stage T1 or T2, Gleason score 2 to 7/10, prostatic carcinoma had outpatient, CT-based transperineal 125I prostate implantation and were monitored for 1 to 7 years (median,(More)
OBJECTIVE Micropick fenestration of the stapes footplate, a difficult step in stapedotomy, was selected for trials evaluating the potential for robotic assistance (RA) to improve clinical measures of surgical performance. STUDY DESIGN In a surgical model of stapedotomy, we measured accuracy of fenestration to a desired point location and force applied to(More)