Jayavel Sounderpandian

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The stochastic tree is a recently introduced generalization of the decision tree which allows the explicit depiction of temporal uncertainty, while still employing the familiar rollback procedure for decision trees. We offer in this paper an introduction to stochastic tree modeling and techniques involved in their application to medical treatment decisions.(More)
We present models for cost-benefit analyses of RFID implementations for retail stores. We discuss implementations of the data networks connecting the tag readers. Our models consider the cost of implementations including the cost of tag readers, the communication network cost and other infrastructure cost. In addition, we also present analytical models to(More)
In this paper, we focus on the models for analyzing radio frequency identification (RFID) implementations in terms of their costs and benefits. We consider the supply chain comprised of the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and the consumer. We classify the transactions generated by different RFID tag reads and discuss implementations of the data(More)
Ambiguity aversion has been widely observed in individuals’ judgments. Using scenarios that are typical in decision analysis, we investigate ambiguity aversion for pairs of individuals. We examine risky and cautious shifts from individuals’ original judgments to their judgments when they are paired up in dyads. In our experiment the participants were first(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This case focuses on the development of information systems for not-for-profit volunteerbased organizations. Specifically, we discuss an information system project for the Volunteer Center of Racine (VCR). This case targets the analysis and design phase of the project using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) methodology, database(More)