Jayati Ghosh Dastidar

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It is at times important to detect human presence automatically in secure environments. This needs a shape recognition algorithm that is robust, fast and has low error rates. The algorithm needs to process camera images quickly to detect any human in the range of vision, and generate alerts, especially if the object under scrutiny is moving in certain(More)
In this paper we have presented a hand gesture recognition library. Various functions include detecting cluster count, cluster orientation, finger pointing direction, etc. To use these functions first the input image needs to be processed into a logical array for which a function has been developed. The library has been developed keeping flexibility in mind(More)
Sometimes a simple and fast algorithm is required to detect human presence and movement with a low error rate in a controlled environment for security purposes. Here a light weight algorithm has been presented that generates alert on detection of human presence and its movement towards a certain direction. The algorithm uses fixed angle CCTV camera images(More)
This paper presents a method to differentiate the foreground objects from the background of a color image. Firstly a color image of any size is input for processing. The algorithm converts it to a grayscale image. Next we apply canny edge detector to find the boundary of the foreground object. We concentrate to find the maximum distance between each(More)
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